Work Tools Brushes

They are steel wire brushes known as work tools brushes.Usally used for cleaning at industrial production areas.It also can be used for drilling and angle grinding by mounting it on hand tools.It is one of the most assistant tools cleaning small particles and remaining bits of deburring process after welding and metal processing.


Conical brushes are consist of combination of cup brushes and circular brushes.They are used in order to break edges and corners of proccesed metal pieces especially at non-reachable working fields.


It’s a model that is brought out by mounting abresive and wire brush filaments on the shaft.These are used to process,drilling and cleaning of stainless steel or equipments.


These are designed to be used suitably with hand tools which have been produced from wire and abresive filaments in shape of cup. They are used  as polish removal as well as for the removal of corrosion and dirt.

End Brushes

It has been designed in order to clean interior surfaces hard to reach with wire and abrasive brushes are also easy to use with hand tools.Oxidised or rusted metal surfaces gains a gleaming look with end brushes.


Also known as hand brushes which are made with wooden and steel wire are used in sparkling process,derusting,paint removal and surface cleaning.

Interior Brushes

Interior brushes are producted from special bristles designed to clean inside profiles and inside pipes. Unreachable places gets cleaned with the advantage of long handle.

Pipe line Brushes

Pipe line brushes are most requested brushes at construction sites for resource preperation on gas,water or petrol lines.

Single Section Brushes

Single section brushes are used in cleaning profile surfaces and small particles.

Spark Plug Brushes

These brushes made from special bristles and wooden base and cleans spark plug electric ignition especially spark plug sparking piece.It’s used in cleaning battery and battery terminals and thanks to these brushes,oxidezed pieces gets cleaned without harming and make it efficient.

Tube Cleaning Brushes

It is the most requested model in cleaning interior surface of heating boiler pipes,it cleans inner sides of  special-purpose tubes.