Weed Cutting Brushes

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Grass cutting and cleaning brushes are used to quickly remove unwanted weeds, algae and small plants from the tiles in the yard and in front of the garage. In this way, living areas are made more hygienic. In addition, weed brushes are made of hard bristles and are driven by industrial machines. Again, these brushes are used for cleaning weeds in agricultural areas. With its powerful walt motor and speed, the working principle of the brush is both practical and practical. In addition, the rotational speed of the brush can be adjusted according to the grass thickness. Thanks to its easy and elegant design, it removes the unwanted grass easily from the ground and does not disturb the users by taking up very little space.

Unlike other cutting machines, these brushes have a potential for light handling and do not harm the environment. With this product you can achieve a comfortable working area and adjust the brush height to the specified levels. In addition, weed brushes can be connected to industrial machines. Therefore, it can be used in many different fields. You can also adjust the working position, brush direction and other features as you wish, but you can easily follow the gaps to be swept. Weighing brushes, which are very light in weight, can be operated electrically with the opening, closing switch.

Thanks to the shaft lock system, the brush can be changed easily and very easily. All you need to do is lock the shaft by pressing the lock button and remove the worn brush using the accessory key. Weed brushes are suitable for long-lasting uses, but have the power to cut all kinds of grass. Herb cutting brush, which is preferred by private companies, municipalities and businesses, consists of bristles produced in general in the industrial field. These hairs are thick and long but have a hard structure. The rotational speed and rotational capacity of the grass cutting brushes also differ according to the production methods. These products can be used for a long time and provide a practical cleaning.