Sealing Brushes

Strip and sealing brushes are available both strip as tufted executions. The structure of a strip brush comprises a metal U section in which the bristles are secured by means of a metal core wire and a metal band. They are available in straight strips, wound brush strips and shaped profiles. Besides these brushes, we also have brush laths and Quick Seal brushes, our tufted models.
Strip brushes, Quick Seal brushes and brush laths are utilised in almost countless processes, and are adapted to the particular application in question.


Brush laths used for sealing are suitable for protecting machines or it’s parts from dust and dirt.


Infinitive brushes are flexible version of strip brushes.It is used almost everywhere due to it’s flexibility on profile.Being easy to assamble and comfortable in the area where it’s applied is another reason to be prefered at many areas.

Strip Brushes

The most important application of strip brushes is sealing which is in order to protect machinery, doors, windows from dirt,humidity and dust.It also helps keeping vermin and rodents away.