Runway Brush

Our runway brushes are inevitable for airfields at airports in winter.Runways become unusable after snow fall and ground become icy;thus runway brushes becomes a part of cleaning routine at airport so that the planes able to land and fly safely.These brushes are made of high quality equipment which makes it resistant to all climate conditions.Our runway brushes are not for snow removal only,also to remove debris and resudues at work site.

Brush cassettes with steel wires

Brush cassetes with steel wires are to clean snow on runways.The density of brushes’can be determined by selecting the number of steel wire and grippers.

Brush cassettes with synthetic fibres

Alternatively,brush cassetes with synthetic fibres can be used to remove snow on runways.These brushes are made completely of synthetic and has the best feature for sweeping.

Brush Core (Aluminum)

Hilal Fırça is also offering brush core as well as brush cassetes for any type of snow sweeping machine.