Is Horsehair Brushing Technique Helpful In Reducing Cellulite?

It is noticed that the method of brushing with horse hair, which has become popular recently in personal care, is very popular. Its presumed benefit is thought to be to reduce the appearance of cellulite. So, does this method really reduce the appearance of cellulite? We will share our research with you on this blog. As far as we have observed, we think that the biggest benefit of brushing with horse hair is that it removes dead skin from your body. When brushing from bottom to top with dry brushing, it can be observed that the dead skin on the body decreases. Tissue inequality and raised skin in the body disappear. For a softer look and feel, besides getting rid of dead skin, applying a body moisturizing cream after applying the dry brushing technique increases the effect. Well, if we come to the answer to the question we asked at the beginning, is a horse hair brush good for cellulite? First of all, dry brushing with horse hair alone is useless. However, doing sports, consuming plenty of water, keeping the skin constantly moist and when applied with regular nutrition help reduce the appearance of cellulite.