We are Hilal Fırça...

We produce professional solutions for every sector with the quality of the brushes we produce.


Hilal Brush knows that each market has its own needs and applications. We offer a variety of brushes for all applications. From our standard range of brushes to our special brushes, you can be assured that we will provide you with the right brush for your purpose.


Hilal Firca is a specialist manufacturer of all sorts of brushes for all markets. Our objective is to ensure that our brushes provide additional value to our customers. With our experience we know almost all the markets with their specific needs. So we are able to support you in the most professional way.

  • Weed Cutting Brushes

    Grass cutting and cleaning brushes are used to quickly remove unwanted weeds, algae and small plants from the tiles in the yard and in front of the garage. In this way, living areas are made more hygienic. In addition, weed brushes are made of hard bristles and are driven by industrial machines. Aga...