We ensure that materials used after brush production are recycled as much as possible, thus creating a minimum load on the environment. The choice of convertible materials in brush production is very important. Crescent brush selects environmentally sensitive materials that can be converted into new and useful products.

Types of materials:

  • The remaining pieces of used plastic derivative materials are recycled to make new products, sent back to the recycle.
  • Some plastic materials used by the crescent brush are selected from recycled materials and the economy is recycled.
  • Steel wire and similar materials can be melted and reused for steel production.
  • Wood is biodegradable and has little impact on the environment. Many fields are available when recycled.

Recycling advantages:

  • The materials are brought back to the economy and unnecessary cost is prevented.
  • The wastes do not go away, they continue to exist.
  • Environmental pollution is prevented and better for our future!