We are Hilal Fırça...

We produce professional solutions for every sector with the quality of the brushes we produce.

Hilal Fırça with a quarter century of experience;

In Turkey, with close to a quarter century of experience, engaged in production without sacrificing quality and supplier not only of customers, but also have a giant brush serving as a partner Hilal brush.
Located in the first row in Turkey Hilal Brush Brush production, not only the name and the quality of Anatolia; At the same time, our country continues to be a pride by moving to many countries in different parts of the world such as America, Russia, Germany, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Azerbaijan.

Crescent Brush has a wide vision and big goals.
Not only to export quality products, but also wants to be among the leading manufacturers of brushes in Europe. And for that, it always produces new projects, new products; is designing brand new products that will meet the needs of the industry with its expert staff in the field.
Hilal Brush, which makes huge investments in ARGE studies, constantly explores and develops and continues to give direction to the sector. Hilal Brush, which makes ARGE and innovation a company principle, is not just a brush, it always produces innovation. The company that renews and develops itself every day, always brings firsts to the sector with its never-ending energy.

Hilal Brush, which does not compromise its corporate stance, is proceeding confidently with its vision, mission and function, not only with its production, but also as a European manufacturer of brushes.
The brush, which is almost a spare part everywhere, is one of the most important necessities in many sectors today. Hilal Brush has the capacity to produce almost every brush that may come up such as cylinder brush, strip brush, circular brush, panel brush, under door brush, carpet wash brush, grass brush, bristle brush and wire brush. industrial brush production.
Hilal Brush, which meets the brush needs of many world famous brands in sectors such as technology, white goods, aims to be the solution partner of many big brands by keeping the customer satisfaction on the front plan.
Hilal Brush, operating in accordance with the vision of the future with its accumulation from the past, is working not only on brush but also on raw material and material selection.
With its corporate and innovative working principle, Hilal Brush continues to expand its geographical area by increasing its quality and product range.
Because Hilal Brush is the leader in the sector, leading in quality.