Cylinder and bowl type brushes which have been designed to be suitable to fixate on road sweepers and work machines for enviromental cleaning that work efficiently to provide high standard of service quality.
The application areas for these brushes are large municipal areas,construction sites,pavements and airports to remove snow,falling leaves,litter and ect.
Scratching brushes are specially designed to use at livestock,fattening farm,cows and brushing slaughter animals.Those animals,saved from suffering parasites, cleaned from skin residues and de-stressed by appling these brushes produce more milk and grow faster.
In small livestock sector,for animals like goats and sheeps,same sort of brushes are used to remove parasites and hair residues to make their metabolism work faster.
For general cleaning,home entrance and paw cleaning of pet animals,panel strip brushes are used in order to provide comfortability.
As Hilal Fırça we have manifactured for many sectors by designing many models.We have ability and capacity to produce products that are suitable according to the studies we carried out and requirements.