Brushes are used in the food industry and in almost every field such as food and beverage.

The brushes that will help you gain both work time and labor costs are produced in Hilal Brush.

It is very important in which field the brush will be used in the food industry. Details such as whether the brush will be used for conveyor belt cleaning or product transportation, whether it will be used in a spreader or in machines where heat is intense, are the elements that need to be known for brush production.

Brushes used in the food industry are of high quality in terms of bristle structure and should be durable and durable.

Industrial brushes, which are used in food and packaging, fruit and vegetable washing, spraying, flouring, nut peeling, nuts and many food areas, provide longer-lasting and healthier service if they are regularly maintained.

The same brush is not used in all areas! The bristle and base of the brush differ according to the work to be done and for what purpose the brush will be used. Polyamide bristle is generally preferred bristle type in almost every field. Brushes produced from tail bristles such as horse hair are used in areas that require more hygiene because they are healthy and natural. Tampiko grass, on the other hand, is resistant to heat and chemicals, so machines with high temperatures are used. These brushes are generally used for cleaning, washing, transporting, shifting and fixing.

The usage area of ​​each hair is different. Polyamide or horsehair should not be chosen instead of tampiko grass. Since Tampiko grass is generally used in places with high heat and chemical use, it may melt due to the plastic contained in the polyamide bristle.

Since the features of each brush are different, its quality and standards should be thoroughly investigated and the application should comply with these features.

Of course, this is where the manufacturer comes into play. It should produce the brushes you need according to the job and the process. The bristle structures, bases, lengths and widths should be determined according to the work to be done. Therefore, it should be produced by companies that are experienced, knowledgeable about the sectors and are experts in their fields.

Hilal Brush works with nearly 300 sectors and produces thousands of brushes.

We carefully select our suppliers for the quality of our products. In this way, we do not compromise on our quality and produce brushes for the food industry where you can get 100% efficiency.